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Corporate Reception Party Song List (2023 Edition) with Holiday Music.

Curated by DJBlaxx of ADIQUEST Music, LLC.  


With regards to entertainment and music, all corporate events have a few requirements of a DJ. The entertainment DJ must play music of various genres/ formats. The music played also needs cater to people of various age groups, backgrounds, and cultues.


Finally, the entertainment DJ must also understand timing. This includes mixings songs on beat at different lengths (not playing songs from beginning to end), when to switch from one music genre to the next, and / or somtimes let a vibe ride for a whle. It all depends on the audience.


With over 27 years of DJ entertainment experiance, DJBlaxx has put together a corporate song list that spans many time eras, appeals to various groups of people, and most of all entertain audiences in a corporate setting.


This ong list has over 110 songs catered around corporate events during the holiday season.


Note: We at ADIQUEST Music, LLC hold no  guarantees in the outcome of your event if you decide to reference this list. This is simply a guide for you to use to draw inspiration and assit in the creation of song curation.


This document is non refundable. All Sales Final--No returns once purchased.

Thank you for understanding.

AQM's Corporate Reception Party Song List (2023 Edition)

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