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We CUT prices!! Here are our Pricing options for Wedding Ceremonies & Wedding Reception Parties.
(35% Discount on Optional Add-On Services. Discount of 35% will be taken off the list prices below)

12.Oct.2023--ADIQUEST Music Pricing Grid for Website w Sale Banners (no logo).png

Pick Your hours of needed service, Choose Optional Add-Ons,
Check availability, and Book ADIQUEST Music!!

***To book services, there is a one time $40.00 processing and set up charge.

Please note:  If you have any feedback or questions with pricing of our services, please

     call or email us. This way we can work together to find solutions and various payment options that will add value to this memorable special occasion.***

We are ready!! And feel confident You are also ready to book ADIQUEST Music for your next special event / occasion

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